'Features and Creatures' Gallery

We expect this page to be our most popular page. The Zayak® Sea Sled makes it so easy to photograph the underwater environment that many people who haven't done it before, will soon be sending their photos in.

There are many inexpensive underwater cameras on the market, some are disposable, meaning you take 27 photos and then have them developed. This is great for vacations.

But if you are fortunate enough to use your Zayak® Sea Sled more often, digital underwater point-and-shoot cameras are available that can be used over and over. Many are available for just over $100.

And, of course, there are much more sophisticated digital cameras that will provide you with an even greater underwater photo.

Using an underwater camera with a flash will provide better colors and more true to life photos of fish and corals.

Be certain to hold the camera steady as you press the shutter. Your pictures will be better, clearer and sharper.

Your favorite photo can then be uploaded to our website to put you in the running for a FREE Zayak® Sea Sled for your Buddy.

With just a little practice, you will be capable of photographing Creatures and Features directly below you as well as in front of you. Be creative and start a collection of underwater photos.
Registered Owners of a Zayak® Sea Sled are encouraged to send us photos of the 'Features and Creatures' that they see below their Zayak® Sea Sled. We will post all appropriate photos and award a FREE Zayak® Sea Sled every 90 days to the person who submits the best photo (conditions apply).

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