About Zayak

The Zayak® Sea Sled was developed for our children and grand children when they come to visit Siesta Key Beach in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, and we are proud to say it is 'MADE IN THE U.S.A.'

Soon, word of the Zayak®Sea Sled spread to the rest of the Gulf Coast states, the Caribbean, Central and South America, with great interest being generated in Australia and the Mediterranean.
Fresh water or salt water: rivers, lakes, gulfs, bays, oceans and tidal pools;
any clear water venue is a great place for the Zayak® Sea Sled.

Whether you witness the undersea environment with your own two eyes, or use an under water camera to record the 'Features and Creatures' below, you will quickly "see what you've been missing"

Many people who aren't comfortable with scuba diving or snorkeling find that they are much more comfortable on a rigid and stable platform that allows them a wide-angle panoramic view of the underwater environment without the use of a leaky mask or a 'death-grip' on a mouth piece.

Most people find that they can use the Zayak® for hours and still not even get their hair wet!!

All Models come with molded-in carry handles and a fully vented neoprene 'dry' mask.

A-1 models The Basic A-1 Model has a recommended weight limit of 220 Lbs (100 KG) and comes with a clear panoramic window; a vented neoprene 'dry' mask that blocks out ambient light for better underwater viewing and provisions for an (optional) 'wrist-leash' that always keeps your Zayak® Sea Sled within easy reach. This model is ideal for "Resort Rentals" or "Consumers".

The Deluxe A-1 XL Model has all the above features plus a built-in Cargo Net to securely hold your underwater camera, your sun lotion and/or a small 'dry bag' with personal belongings. Additionally, the A-1 XL has five molded 'securing points' for hanging accessories from your Zayak or for securing it to a vehicle during transportation. This is the "Consumer Edition" aimed at amateur photographers and marine enthusiasts.

G-1 PRO ModelThe G-1 PRO Model (available DECEMBER 2014) has a recommended weight limit of 240 Lbs, (110 KG) and comes with a clear panoramic window molded directly into the Zayak™ Sea Sled body; provisions for an (optional) 'wrist leash' that always keeps your Zayak™ Sea Sled within reach; and a Cargo Net for securing underwater cameras, sun lotion, and/or a small 'dry bag' for personal belongings. Additionally, there are five molded securing points for hanging accessories from your Zayak™ Sea Sled or for securing it to your vehicle during transportation. This is the "Pro-sumer Model" for more serious photographers and marine enthusiasts.
"The only thing missing is... YOU".

The  Zayak® Sea Sled is NOT a surfboard, a towable, or a stand-up paddle board. Misuse, or abuse, will void the warranty.

Treated with reasonable care, you can enjoy years of service, fun and exploration with the Zayak® Sea Sled.

Registered Zayak® Sea Sled owners are invited to send us under water photos that they have taken from their Zayak® Sea Sled. We will post them on our 'Features and Creatures' gallery and every 90 days select the best photo and reward the Zayak® owner with a FREE Zayak® Sea Sled for his friend, spouse, child or buddy. (Some conditions apply).

To purchase your Zayak® Sea Sled see our list of Retailers and Distributors, or click here.

If you are planning a vacation, see our list of Resorts and Excursions that rent
Zayak® Sea Sleds.

The Zayak® Sea Sled is very durable, but there are some efforts on your part that will extend the life and enjoyment of your Sea Sled.

  • ALWAYS rinse the window well before you wipe or clean it. Sand is very abrasive and you can help eliminate scratching.
  • NEVER let wet neoprene dry in direct sunlight. When you are done with your Sea sled, turn it over so the neoprene dries in the shade.
  • NEVER let the Sea Sled remain in water for more than 24 hours at a time.
  • ALWAYS  Be AWARE of your surroundings.
    Often, there are boats, personal watercraft, other swimmers, rocks, docks, piers, jetties and other obstacles in the area that can cause injury or death if you come in contact with them.
  • NEVER use the Sea Sled in areas where sharks or gators are known to feed or frequent.

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